Virginia Cambuci was born in 1982 , at Tocantins in Brazil. She is a musician and a songwriter . Her parents came from Ceara , Nordest , Brazil , in consequence she had to travel and she has acquired a very thorough knowledge of Brazilian culture . Since she was 4 years old , thanks to her Mother Stela , she discovered her favorite songwriters Chico Buarque, Tom Jobim,João Gilberto, Vinicius de Moraes, Elis Regina, Morares Moreira ...

She composed her songs in partnership with Ney Veras, Rômulo Marques and Fernando de la Rua . With 13 years of experience of the stage , she could add as well : many recordings with other groups. She has a great repertoire of songs with a spring esprit calling joy and empressement like her origins.
She studied guitar and singing at Tocata school ( Fortaleza ) and had an European tour in Fance , Italy and Spain . In Madrid she participated in many jazz festivals and in many performances in theaters or arts center . She shared the stage with David Tavares, Fernando de la Rua, Pajaro Juarez, Bruno Lopes, Luis Guerra, Arturo Lledó, Iván Mellén, Evaldo Robson, Michigan Garcia, Diego Garcia El Twalguero, all are fame musicians .

In August 2011 she installed in Paris and started studies in jazz traditional music at famous CIM ( Music International Conservatory ) . She had sing at the popular Blue Note ( Montmartre ) and continued to diffuse her music on French territory ! Here she shared the stage with Ney Veras, Laurent Avenard, Francis Jauvain, Rômulo Marques, Laurent Oliveira, Gerson Saeki, Edmundo Carneiro, Luiz de Aquino, who are important musicians of the French stage.
Today , with Ney Veras as music director who is a gifted multi instrumentalist , arranger and composer , she dedicate herself totally to her first album . Her compositions have the attractiveness of the Brazil , the nostalgia of the Nordest , the softness of a Minas Gerais' balad with the influence of an european delicacy touch .
She give priority at the elegance and the sophistication and for that she invit Francis JAUVAIN ( accordion , saxophone and accordina ) , Gerson SAEKI ( double bass ) , Ney VERAS ( classic guitar , drums and percussions ) and Laurent AVENARD ( 12 string viola and folk guitar ) Rodrigue Fernandes ( accordion), Tarcisio Gondinho ( banjo).
And of course at the voice : Virginia CAMBUCI